A Day in The... Life of A Rock-A-Billy Girl

I'm a easy going kinda of person.
i enjoy my friends, going out and doing nothing.
i love star wars, johnny depp movies, and most of all horror movies <3
music is my life.


Loneliness is a slow knife in the heart.
The empty bed in the night and day.                                                       A third wheel with friends. 
A table and dinner for one.


Sugar Skull Cat Princess

First semester of being Professor Ginger Jess has come to an end…finally can breathe and catch up on my work…to start my cramming work flow off, I decided to complete this sketch of a Cat Sugar Skull and make it into an actual finished piece!

I’m thinking of getting this image printed into decals….

I think I came up with this idea when I was trying to think of cool tattoo designs, which I would like to start adding to my collection of work…so here is the celebration of “The Day of the Dead, for the Cat!”

 I was really psyched to use my new Windsor Newton GOLD INK that one of my awesome students bought me for Christmas!

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